The 30-year Journey of Planning Interiors Limited – The Startings

“The 30-year Journey of Planning Interiors Limited – The Beginnings “

Starting as a department of Planning Systems Services Ltd (PSSL), one the most reputable Architectural firm in East Africa, Planning Interiors Limited has blossomed into a renowned Kenyan-owned professional Interior Design and Project Management company since its incorporation in 1993.

🏢🎨Shaping the Office Landscape:
Back in the late 80s, the Architectural firm (PSSL), got many requests to undertake office interior fit-out projects for the tenants of the buildings they had designed, including notable landmarks like The Nation Centre, Lonrho House, and Williamson House.
Recognizing the need for specialized Interior Design expertise, Planning Systems Services recruited two talented Interior Designers, Sue Watkins, and Natalie McKendry, from one of London’s leading Interior design firms at that time, Austin Smith Lord.

Equator Bank Office Fitout – 1990 at Lonrho House

💥The Rising Reputation:
As Sue and Natalie worked in the Interior Design department for PSSL, their reputation for exceptional interior design quickly grew.
The demand for Interior Design work grew rapidly, and the need to expand the team was inevitable.
In 1992, Eugene joined the team and became a valuable addition to the Interior Design department where he contributed his extensive expertise in local interior design, detailing, and hands-on collaboration with local contractors.
With a growing portfolio and an increasing number of Interior Design projects, the team expanded rapidly, going from a dynamic duo to a thriving team of seven by the end of 1993.

Jim Archer & Trevor Andrews – Founding partners of Planning Systems Services

🔝A Decisive Move:
Recognizing the immense potential of their independent interior design work and the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest on projects, the partners took a bold step in 1993. They established the Interior Design department as a separate company – Planning Interiors Limited.
This move laid the foundation for a future filled with creative freedom, and the ability to collaborate with other architectural firms across the region.

🌍🎉 Charting New Horizons:
Today, Planning Interiors Limited stands tall as a beacon of Interior Design excellence, leaving an indelible mark on Kenya’s Interior Design landscape. With decades of experience, a passionate team, and an unwavering commitment to innovative design, we continue to redefine spaces and create inspiring environments.

Nation Centre Building – Designed by Planning Systems Services

Join us as we embark on the captivating journey of Planning Interiors Limited to greatness! ✨

Featured Projects / Images.

📌Equator Bank – 1990 at Lonrho House
📌Nation Printers & Publishers – 1992 at Nation Centre
📌Jim Archer & Trevor Andrews – Founding partners of Planning System Services

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