Interior Design

Planning Interiors is at the forefront of Kenyan interior design. Whether it’s an office, shop, bank branch, restaurant, hotel or private home, we bring with us the latest trends of design research and trends. Interior design also has to make financial sense, so we will work with you to realise your project on time and within budget.

If you’re current space needs a facelift or refurbishment, we can also help by making use of what you currently have and phasing-out the project to avoid any major disruption.


Feasibility Studies

For clients who are unsure of the full scope of their proposed project, or want to know more details about timelines and budgets, our feasibility study will answer all of your questions without having to commit to a full consultancy.

A typical feasibility study can include a workplace audit, a furniture audit, physical site survey, preliminary spaceplans, preliminary cost estimates and a detailed project program.

Better still, if you proceed with us for the full project, we will deduct our fees for the feasibility study from our professional fees.


Design & Build

Our corporate design & build services offer our clients the best of both worlds; our award-winning interior design services at a cost effective price and fast-tracked fit-out timelines.

Why design and build?

  1. Award winning interior design services
  2. Delivery schedule is reduced
  3. A design-driven project, even when on-site
  4. Efficient use of funding
  5. Reduction of risks and costs
  6. A t turnkey solution with one point of contact


Project Management

We always prefer to project manage our own designs, so that we can ensure that our great ideas get implemented as expected. Our project management team will provide effective management of the project in terms of quality, efficiency, cost, schedule completion, and handover.

We also offer a design implementation service, so if you already have a completed design that has been done elsewhere and need someone with local knowledge to make it happen, then speak to us!

Our project management services are also open to other architectural and interior design firms who may need assistance in realising a project.


Furniture Sourcing

Office furniture will always form a sizable chunk of any budget, we utilise our extensive network of international suppliers to get the best possible equipment to suit your needs and budget. We offer a wide range of furniture items to cater for every requirement you may have, all delivered to and built at your premises.