Leading Interior Design Company in Kenya

Leading Interior Design Company in Kenya

Kenya Airways

The inspiration for Pride Lounge is the enticing and alluring African landscapes varying from the lush and vibrant rainforests, the calmness and charm of the coast, the serenity of the savannah grasslands, and the mystical deserts. The interiors feel is a clever interplay of textures and colors of the African landscapes, patterns of the textiles and details of the architecture within the different landscapes.

The story begins at the main entrance, where one experiences the layering and weaving within the rainforest with a large graphic wall covering of Kakamega forest in Kenya and artifacts from Congo and Uganda. Moving further into the space the Coastal theme for the dining area is based upon the volumes and voids of the coral reefs, while capturing architectural details inspirations from some African coastal towns such as Morocco and Zanzibar.

The napping lounge is inspired by the topography and surging forms of the desert. It is a quiet and minimalistic space that creates a relaxing and private sanctuary that will ensure guests are re-energized and well rested before their next flight.

The enclosed smoker’s lounge with a slatted bench that is locally fabricated which mimics the sand dunes of Egypt as the focal point of the room accessorized with desert images to compliment the space. Another large graphic wall covering shows the striking landscape of the semi-arid Magadi area in Kenya within the lounge.

Simba lounge, set aside for first class passengers and the interiors celebrate the richness and beauty of unique elements of Pan African culture and heritage in a contemporary setting using a palette of carefully selected local artworks, materials, artifactsand textiles. The lounge represents a world class experience carefully planned with required amenities e.g. an exclusive smoking zone, and an enclosed VIP sitting area and baby changing units. Just as the village elders sat in a circle and shared a traditional beverage and discussed matters, the focal feature is a central circular banquette seating where guests from different backgrounds will meet and converse.
Client | Kenya Airways
Year of Completion | 2014


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