Design in Details

As the interior designers for this prestigious project, we were tasked with creating an environment that was warm and welcoming to staff and visitors.
Through design simplicity, we allowed for sunlight and natural air to pour into the space, we brought the outside in and created an environment that stimulates the mind and fosters a spirit of community.

The reception of the office is a warm and welcoming space that has a distinctly Afrocentric flair and several local design elements.
The base colors are complimented by wood elements, accent colors and textures derived from local fabrics, woven artifacts, and accessories.

The staff lounge takes up a prominent space in the office as the client takes wellbeing very seriously, and this space has a distinctly homely feel. The open-plan offices are light and airy, with a neutral color base complimented by pops of color.

Local fauna and flora give inspiration to the glazing on meeting room walls. Corridors are adorned with abstract patterns in the wall claddings which created unique homes for local paintings and sculptures.

All of these wonderful design ideas are applied to a modern office space that also allows for the latest furniture, acoustics, lighting, and technology throughout the space.

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Completion Photos

Planning Interiors Limited
project type:
Interior Design-and Build, Project Management, Signage, Artwork & Branding
Private International Foundation
Modern, Sustainable, Collaborative
Size of the project:
680 M2
Completion date:
June 2022